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Financial and Investment Planning

In our experience people who have an understanding of the choices, options and risks they confront in their lives make better quality, more informed decisions. They are more aware of the implications of their actions and as a consequence significantly increase the likelihood that they will achieve their financial and lifestyle objectives.


Clear choice and practical action are the key components in making the future happen in the way we want it to evolve.


As a member of The Professional Advisory Network (PAN), we have gained access to a leading integrated financial planning process.


The purpose of PAN is to provide you with proven investment expertise, processes and solutions to help create and protect your future wealth. It comprises an integrated approach to effectively help you plan, manage and achieve all aspects of your personal financial and lifestyle goals. The power of the PAN approach is that it provides the means of looking at your total financial situation and ‘health’ – rather than just elements thereof – with the aim of defining, and then achieving, your future goals.


PAN is the creation of New Zealand Funds Management (NZ Funds) and is based on leading international financial advisory and investment management processes. NZ Funds has built a reputation for integrity, innovation, outstanding service and strong investment performance among investors, fund managers and professional advisors. NZ Funds works as a committed partner with some of New Zealand’s leading financial planning firms and individuals, and in association with a select number of pre-eminent Australasian, North American and European fund managers.


If you consider that your financial future is worth careful consideration, we recommend that you talk to us about including PAN as part of your plans.

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